About the company

Business profile includes stocks analysis and development of automatic trade systems.


Our team is a group of specially trained experts with practical experience. Their competences and expertise in analytical research practice allow us to manage the security investment with utmost efficiency.

Due to a wide range of credible partners, including major world banks, asset management funds and brokers, we can offer most profitable and safe terms of doing business.


Cybertech guarantees high quality of rendered services, as well as client support at every step.

Company’s experts will examine any financial portfolio and provide recommendations for its improvement.

We are not just mediators of the financial market, we are its full-fledged participants and ready to offer solid protection of your interests, and effective investment support. The most important aspect for us is not only the performance, but also the long-term and trust-based relations we thoroughly build with every customer.

We hold dear our reputation, and believe that it is an approach that allows us to professionally render financial services.