US Stock market

Shares give an investor a chance to co-own a major company and earn money from:

  1. Selling/buying shares
  2. Dividend payout

The US stock market is the largest and most liquid in the world. It accounts for 40% of the world securities market. Its daily turnover exceeds USD 100 bln.

More than 7.5k international companies are currently traded on the US stock market.

Analyzing securities potential

At the moment, the number of securities on the US stock market does not give a chance to estimate the potential of each security manually with sufficient accuracy.

So, in order to improve the quality of selection, we use our own software - the Botindex screening system.

The system gathers data from dedicated Internet sources, including:

The use of the Cybertech screening system can significantly boost the speed and increase the volume of data collected.

Choosing issuing companies

Issuing companies are selected and assessed in several stages:

  1. We monitor the global macroeconomic situation and determine the phases of the economic cycle.
  2. We analyze the monetary policy of central banks: key rate changes, incentive programs, discourse, etc.
  3. We study the main drivers of economic growth by region: inflation, unemployment rate, budget shortfall, money turnover, business and consumer activity.
  4. We identify and monitor certain economic sectors in order to determine their attractiveness under current market and economic conditions.
  5. We analyze the collected basic data and assess the technical parameters: prices, transaction volumes, volatility, etc.

We use our own scoring models to assess the potential of securities. Given all the information collected, a score is calculated for each potential issuing company, which is later used as the basis for making a decision to purchase the shares of this company or not.

Choosing issuing companies


Higher investment yield due to fees lower than the industry average


Secured investment - customers' money is kept in special bank accounts, insured for up to $2.75 mln


Reliability – the IB stocks are traded on Nasdaq exchange, and the company’s own capital exceeds $9 bln


Availability of their own multifunctional trading platform, the IBKR


Splitting the share price, thus balancing the investment portfolio


Detailed PortfolioAnalyst reports: real-time transaction confirmation, margin details, transaction expense analysis, in-depth portfolio analysis, etc


Working with securities is split into the following steps:

  1. Defining the investment horizon (may vary from 1 week to 1 year) and making a forecast for a security.
  2. Defining the direction for position movement (the trend).
  3. Searching for the best points, conditions and volumes of stocks to be purchased.
  4. Setting levels in order to define the global and local price behavior.
  5. Entering the deal with the position to be controlled mandatorily (stop-loss and take-profit).
  6. Handling the deal daily with consideration to the market changes.
  7. Exiting the deal, analyzing the performance and making reports.

This approach allows you to bypass the growth of the S&P 500 and provide the annual yield of about 18% in USD.


The yield rate for the last 5 years is 92.91% (USD)

Terms of cooperation

Minimum brokerage account balance – USD 500k

Minimum investment horizon – 1 year

Service fee – 20% of the yield

License fee – 0.15% of the net asset value monthly

All trading activities take place in your brokerage account.
You are the only person who has access to the account.

Annex 1 – A modeling portfolio example

Annex 2 – An example of securities to be potentially purchased